ICSPro offers proven HaaS solutions and business services that improve your employee satisfaction, provide consistent modern marketing, build your bottom line and grow your business.

How are we Different?

Our solutions will modernize your infrastructure by installing a reliable and resilient new network.  We provide regular maintenance to the systems and you have access to our help desk for any technical questions or problems.

Then, we manage your online marketing, and all vendor relations.

All your business IT needs are included in our low cost, actively managed computer network.  We build turn-key solutions at a fixed rate, helping you stay focused on running a business, not about the latest trends in managing your network and infrastructure.

  • Computer (PC or Mac)
  • WiFi solutions
  • VOIP (IP Phones)
  • Ethernet cables
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Servers
  • SAN/NAS storage
  • Cloud services
  • Smart phones
  • Security
  • Hosted services
  • Backups
  • Antivirus
  • Security cameras
  • Remote desktop
  • VPN
  • Password management
  • Online marketing
  • System administration
  • Help-desk and support
  • Software licensing and a lot more


Our teams are experts in the installation of Cat5, Cat6, and Fiber Optic cables, along with interconnection, installation and configuration of computers, workstations, and other network equipment. The cabling solution forms the basis of phone, data and video network of the organization. We are skilled in wire management, network switches, fiber panels, and a firewall.


An efficient data transfer ensures the success of the business and allows the organization to sustain in a competitive market. When you upgrade your system, we will ensure all data is transferred onto your new computer.  Our team installs, configures and upgrades your computer systems to ensure optimum performance and increased employee efficiency.


Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP phones are now an essential accessory of every organization as it allows employees to make and receive phone calls using the internet in real time. VOIP phone provides more flexibility and usability as compared to traditional phones, and they can easily be connected with computers, laptops, and other smart devices.