The Importance Of Networking In The Growth Of Your Organization

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If we could name one equipment or tool which has really transformed the lives of people, it would be a computer. In today’s world, a computer has become necessary in every household and office to manage numerous work and tasks. The modern-day computers are essential to perform work and improve productivity not only for a single person but entire businesses and industries.

The advancements in computing technology have allowed to produce, store, use and exchange a vast amount of data and information. Traditionally the computers used to be big and heavy, but nowadays the systems have become quite compact, lightweight, flexible and superior in performance. Computers are critical for establishing and growing your business. Your tasks cannot be completed, and data cannot be communicated without the computers. In offices, several computers are required which are interconnected so that employees can easily access the information they need.

There are basically two types of communication networks namely, wired and wireless. The wired network means the use of cables to send/receive data while a wireless network means that data signals are sent through the air. The success of a company relies on how efficient it’s cabling infrastructure and networking systems are installed and configured. The networking of computers is essential for file sharing, email, managing the databases, and utilizing shared resources such as printers and servers. One of the recent uses of networking is installing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which is a new version of phone systems.

In networking, there are many computers which are integrated and configured with a set of cables. The data is either transmitted by voice or video traffic. The endpoints of the systems consist of servers and wireless devices. An efficient computer networking system results in seamless communication, effective functioning, and the sharing of valuable information. The different famous computer networks include

Local Area Network (LAN).

The LAN is mostly used to cover a defined area and necessary for easy sharing of resources which comprises of data storage, servers, and printers. The tools required to establish and maintain the LAN such as Ethernet cables and hubs are easy to buy and maintain

Wide Area Network (WAN).

The WAN is used to cover a bigger and wider area. The WAN networks connect countries and continents. The computers are interconnected with fiber optics cables, other cables, and satellites. The use of the internet through WAN is possible through modems.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

The WLAN is a wireless computer network that connects two or more devices. The WLAN has become the most popular method connecting to the internet due to its easy installation and use in homes and offices.

The advantages of wireless networks for your business are

  • The wireless networks are scalable meaning more devices can be added to the network without any trouble or inconvenience to the already installed network.
  • The wireless network does not involve any cables which save time as changing cables, rerouting and configuring new devices is a tedious job
  • The wireless networks can easily be accessed by everyone in the office even your clients if they need to do the urgent task using the internet.
  • The employees can use their laptop or smartphone even when they are in a meeting. The increased mobility allows getting the work on time and without any overhead cost

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